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You've Got Options. Use them!

Don’t you love options?

When it comes to fashion and style - yes, we do. 🙋

There aren’t any rules in fashion - well, that’s unless you’re the one making them up.

You can get fancy or keep it simple.

You can layer your clothing, or not.

Mix prints or keep it simple.

Maxi skirts, shoulder baring lines, bare back and mini skirts.

Take your pick!

Summer gives you permission to use those options.

Here’s 3 practical options that you can use today to make you summer fashion fun.


Almost like a capsule wardrobe, you need one versatile staple piece that will give you flexibility. Wear it to the office, happy hour or even a BBQ.

Think outside of the box.


Now’s the time remix things that you already have in your closet. You can still wear your maxi skirt with a white tee, but you can take it to another level and wear it with a jeans button down or a nice blouse. Don’t get stuck on wearing your clothes in one way. Switch it up and get creative.


This is the perfect time to hem the dresses and pants that are too long or you. If you’ve lost a few pounds and need to adjust your clothing to fit well you’ve got to have the right tailor.

At Gideon’s Needle our expert Tailors use a uniquely curated, step-by -step process to take your measurements in order to assure you the perfect fit.

You can schedule an appointment to come to our studio and have our expert tailor take precise and accurate body measurements. We pay attention to the details — because it matters.

If you’re not local to New Jersey, no worries! We can also schedule a virtual consultation using video conferencing software.

Thank us later. 😉

What are your favorite “options” for summer? Let’s chat, leave a comment.


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