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Who is Gideon's Needle?

Gideon's Needle is a Husband and Wife team, whose roots were grown in Ghana, Africa, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Antigua West Indies. Our passion lies in bright, bold African prints and designs. We've fused traditional African textiles with Western fabrics to create quality bespoke pieces.


What influences our work?

Here at Gideon's Needle, our inspiration is our culture and the ability to express ourselves through clothing. This inspiration manifests itself in the form of vivid, eye-catching and contemporary designs that can be worn for any occasion. We've embraced the opportunity to bring our clients bright, bold designs that are affordable.


What really sets us apart?

Our aim is please you and to ensure that you look the best you can in our clothing. We spend lot of time sourcing the best fabrics from various countries in Africa. We are conscious of using a real variation in our materials and we take a lot of care in making the garments as lovely on the inside as they are externally. We want to create inclusive and original fashion that really speaks to our clients without compromising on quality. Each garment is designed and crafted with love, and we think it shows in our clothes.

Join the Bespoke Lifestyle!

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