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Virtual Sew Camp

Teaching the basics of sewing 

and fashion design from the

comfort of your home  

Learn the Basics of Fashion Design


Does your child have ideas about designing their own clothes? We will teach them the basics of fashion design. 

Learn the Basics of Sewing


Does your child want to learn how to alter clothes that they already have? We will teach them the basics of sewing.

Create Clothing 


Does your child want to learn how to sew simple things? We will walk them through the process. 

Final Project


We will create a final project specifically geared towards your child's interest. They can choose from tutus, flare skirts, head wraps, hair bow, bowties and so much more. They will have two weeks to work with our expert designer to complete the project. 

Real World Sewing Skills


What do you do with what was learned in sew camp? Your child can use these basic fashion design and sewing skills in the real world. We will teach your child how to leverage their sewing and design skills and how to always be Fashion forward!

Does your child want to make their own clothing?


Do they have all these wild ideas about designing and making their clothes?


Sign them up for this 4-day camp for children 5 years of age or older. This virtual summer camp hosted by Gideon's Needle will teach your child how to design clothing, the basics of sewing and actually making their own clothes. And of course, we will have a final project!


No sunscreen, traveling across town or needing to pack a snack. Everything is done right from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a working computer and access to the internet. 

How it Works:

✓ Sign up here

✓ Camp Days are Mondays and Wednesdays 

✓ Each day your child and our expert designer will meet at the designated time (You will choose this on our scheduling page - the time you pick on

✓ Your child will meet with our expert designer at the same time on Monday and Wednesday for one hour virtually using free video conferencing

✓ We will walk your child through the basics of fashion, the basics of sewing as well as the final design project

✓ We will show them the skills first and then have them try

✓ Homework will be given.


Not only will your child learn the basics of sewing and fashion design, they will also have a recording of our sessions to review later.  

Have more questions?

Call 862-336-1739 or Email us today. 

Ready to help your

child be fashion forward?

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