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2 Simple Reasons Why "What the Health" Will Help You Elevate Your Style

Have You Seen What The Health?

It's a documentary exposing the meat industry...

Everyone is up in arms about this new explosive documentary highlighting the truths within the food/meat industry.

Listen Linda. Veganism is the new black. What if we told you that you can look and feel good no matter your diet and elevate your style? Watch the movie! Here's two simple reasons why you should.


In no way are we anti-veaganism, but "clean eating" is trending. They've done the research, why not take what you need from it?


Drastically changing your diet, looking good in your clothes and losing weight doesn't happen magically for most. Cold turkey lifestyle changes generally don't work. Slow and steady yields long term benefits. Please ditch the YoYo diets.

The documentary was eye opening, but we realized whether or not you decide to be a vegan, we can still get you the perfect fit in your clothes and you'll love the way you look! The key to great style is a Bespoke Design Consultation.

When you schedule a Bespoke Design Consultation, we use a uniquely curated step-by-step process of designing a garment, selecting the appropriate fabric and accurately taking your measurements.

Have you watched the documentary?


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