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Bottoms Up! Fresh Summer Bottoms to Start Wearing Now!

Late nights, soft serve ice-cream, ice cold lemonade, beach parties to backyard affairs. Summer 17 is on the horizon, and we’re so hype!

Trade in your old school sarong for contemporary and versatile bottoms that will change your life. Yes ladies! Get your life and get inspired by these warm weather bottoms that will give you a head start to #Summer17.


The JASMINA INFINITY SET is a Bespoke (custom made) short + skirt set. It can be worn in 8 different ways. It is designed to give you fashionable flexibility. The short features a zipper closure. This infinity design is available is various colors and prints. If you're indecisive this is the perfect short set for you.

Get the Jasmina Infinity Set here.


The AMARA SHORT SET set is vibrant, stylish, and fun. You will definitely stand out in the crowd if you're wearing this African print short set. This design features a zipper closure and is available is various colors and prints.

Get the Amara Short Set here.


You can never go wrong with a classic wide leg pant. They add dimension and can be worn with several style tops.

View our full collection of bottoms here.

Bottoms Up!


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