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How to Instantly Lose Weight, Refresh your Wardrobe + Say Goodbye to Awkward Style!

Instantly Refresh Your Wardrobe

Summer’s almost here and everyone's looking for the quickest way to get their groove back and be "Summer Time Fine".

We’re not judging, but looking good in your clothes and loosing weight doesn't happen magically for most.

There's a few things that you can do to refresh your wardrobe and instantly look like you've lost weight.


There's been a lot of talk about body type vs. body shape. People are confused about the difference. We look at it like this: “body Type” is the industry standard. There a 4 commonly used industry body types.

Many women fall in between these standard body types. Body shape is your individual body and where you fall based on the industry standard.

Identify Your Body Shape

There is value in dressing for your specific body shape. We promise that you’ll be more comfortable and confident if you embrace your silhouette, rather than work against it and feel so much more comfortable in your clothes.

If you're confused about how to figure out your body shape and type, no worries. We've got you covered. Read more about Identifying your body type and body shape, or schedule a consultation with our expert tailor.


Trends are great for the people that look good in them. Honestly, every trend is not for every body. Literally!

Once you 've figured out your body type and you know what clothes look good on you, going shopping becomes so much easier. There's something out there for every body. Stop attempting to fit into the jeans that are two sizes too small. Doing this causes belly bulge and a whole lot more. Instead, wear your correct size. When you do, not only will you appear more polished, but you will feel comfortable in your skin. Confidence is attractive.

Wear Clothing That Fits Well

Getting rid of clothes that shrunk in the dryer is also important! You may not have realized it, but the dryer can change the way clothes fit. Sometimes its ok to just let it go!

Make room for the new things that fit well.


If you're not afraid of color, neons are great, but there's a way to wear them. Pair neons with white, grey or other neutral colors for a refreshing, but not overwhelmingly, cute look. Don't wear multiple neons at once and avoid wearing neons with stripes.

Skip the rainbow! For those of us that are spontaneous, avoid wearing more than 3 solid colors in one outfit. It can become distracting.

Wear the Right Colors

When going into a professional environment, be sure to wear colors that are "Office Appropriate". Avoid anything patterned unless you work in a fashion-forward and/or liberal environment.


Listen, lets keep it real, if you haven’t worn that sweater you scored during Banana Republic’s semi-annual sale about five years ago... LET IT GO! It was a great deal, and I’m sure someone else would love to have it. Anything that you have not worn in a year should find a new home. Yep, I said it!

If you live in an area where the seasons are active, be mindful of them. Be sure to choose materials/fabrics that are appropriate for the season that you're in. For instance, flowy and thin fabrics are great for summer, but not winter. You will feel uncomfortable in your clothes if you are too hot or too cold.

Refresh Your Wardrobe

Anything that has holes and cannot be repaired, get rid of them! Consider donating items that are still in good condition, but you know you do not truly want.

We have 9 Ways to Reset your closet that could literally change your life!


I just love walking on the bottom of my pants, says no one ever!

My muffin top makes me look good, says no one ever!

Tailored blazers, proper hemlines, and button down shirts that don't bunch up are the business! Those are all reasons why it's important to have a professional tailor that can identify what looks good on you individually.

Get a Tailor

Overwhelmed with your closet but you know you need to do an overhaul? Schedule a Bespoke Closet Crawl™️. Our award winning designer can help you use items in your current wardrobe, along with one of our signature Bespoke garments and/or & accessories to create a desired look.

You can thank us later.

If you put all of these tips into practice, we promise that you will look "fine" no matter the season. Dressing appropriately is a sure way to instantly appear to have lost weight!

One of our clients said this: “Hi Gideon, I finally wore my dress that was made for my 2016 Birthday dinner last night for my 2017 birthday and it still fits perfectly, it looks and feels elegant. I got so many compliments. Thank you for your vision and dedication to making this dress a success. You definitely know and perfect your craft.”

The Perfect Dress

We'll dig deeper on ways to instantly loose weight, refreshing your wardrobe and saying goodbye to awkward style - LIVE on Periscope and Facebook. Follow us so you can receive an alert when we're live streaming! Our handle is @GideonsNeedle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Periscope. Don't have the apps? Download them today, it makes keeping in touch so much easier.

Have you tried any of these tips? Comment below.


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