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3 Reasons You Need to Know Your Measurements

We remember when one of our clients came to us and was practically in tears. It was two weeks before her sister’s wedding. She was the Maid of Honor. The bridal party ordered their dresses online and she just got the shipment.


None of their dresses fit!!

Her sister was devastated! They had no idea what they would do. It was impossible to get someone from the company on the phone and their return policy states no returns or exchanges. They desperately needed help. They were about to have a wedding with no bridesmaids dresses!

Can you relate?

Did you ever need to order something online and was totally confused by the sizes?

Have you ever ordered something and when you finally got the order, you realized what you ordered doesn’t fit?

Did you ever buy something, but wished that one little thing was different on it so that it’ll fit just right?
Yea, me too! We definitely can relate.
We recommend everyone knowing their measurements and having them accurately taken. Here’s 3 benefits of knowing measurements:
  1. When purchasing clothing online, you won’t need to second guess the company’s measurement guide - you can make an informed purchase based on your measurements. No need to return clothing to a manufacturer overseas. You can actually be confident with your purchase.

  2. When custom designing your garments you will have your exact measurements, which will allow for the perfect fit. No more muffin tops and bulging arms.

  3. You know that you’re going to get the perfect fit! You didn’t play Russian roulette with your size. You know that your clothes are specific to your waist, hips, arms, etc. You will feel comfortable and wear your clothes confidently.

At Gideon’s Needle our expert Tailors use a uniquely curated, step-by -step process to take your measurements in order to assure you the perfect fit.

You can schedule an appointment to come to our studio and have our expert tailor take precise and accurate body measurements. We pay attention to the details — because it matters.

If you’re not local to New Jersey, no worries! We can also schedule a virtual consultation using video conferencing software.

Measurements may vary based on the garment design. We generally take well over 20 different body measurements.

This can be especially helpful with finding the perfect dress or blazer for the upcoming prom. graduation, and wedding season. Ladies should know the exact size of their hips and men should know their chest and neck size.

If you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable in your clothes, and you want them to fit just right, then you NEED to know your measurements!

If you’re tired of dealing with the industry standard of body types and body shapes, you NEED to know your measurements!

If you’re body isn’t cookie cutter and you have specific needs when buying your clothes, you NEED to know your measurements!

Oh by the way, we saved our clients’ wedding! We were able to redesign and alter their dresses just in time for her sister's wedding.

What’s your measurement story? Leave a comment below.


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