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9 Ways to Reset Your Closet for SPRING!

Organize those cupboards, clean the garage, and yes, clean your closet! It's that time of year again! I know, cleaning your closet is no easy feat. If you’ve been avoiding organizing your closet - you need this! We've got 9 ways that’ll make cleaning your closet a wee bit easier. We know just how to reset your closet for Spring!

1. Call in backup Let's face it. We all know that most of us need some help when it comes to letting go. This is the perfect opportunity to call that friend that will keep it 💯 and has been dying to tell you “Just let it go!” Create a playlist, buy a bottle of your favorite wine, and make it a night in!

2. Divide and conquer If the idea of cleaning your entire closet in one fell swoop is terrifyingly overwhelming: divide and conquer. This is key to actually getting it done. Be committed to the task. Set dedicated time on your schedule to do it. Work on tops & outerwear one day, bottoms on another, and shoes & accessories on another. Once you get started you’ll be pleased with the results.

3. 1 year rule Look, lets keep it real, if you haven’t worn that sweater you scored during Banana Republic’s semi-annual sale about five years ago... LET IT GO! It was a great deal, and I’m sure someone else would love to have it. Anything that you have not worn in a year should find a new home. Yep, I said it!

4. Organize We’re all adults here, right? Okay, great! No more wire or plastic hangers. Not only are they dangerous, but there bulky and unsightly. Not to mention they never keep your clothing on the darn hanger! We recommend slim fit velvet hangers. You’ll find that they free up space and will give you a sense of uniformity. It’s incredible what order in your closet will do.

5. Toss, donate, sell You know all of those “free” t-shirts that you’ve collected over the last 10 years at conferences, walks and runs? GET RID OF THEM! You really only need one. Anything that has holes and cannot be repaired, get rid of them! Consider donating items that are still in good condition, but you know you don't really want. Do a google search for a local shelter in your community. There's also the big box donation options like Goodwill and Salvation Army, which in some locations will pick up from your home.

Believe it or not, you can also earn some extra income by selling those designer handbags and pumps that you’ve only worn maybe once. Thrifting is the new “in thing.” People love scoring quality items at a fraction of the cost. We like Poshmark and Buffalo Exchange. You'll be surprised how great you will feel once you’ve cleared some closet space and earned some extra cash.

6. Tidy up your top shelf Is your top shelf a landfill? Guess what, you can actually make it functional. We recommend the Neatnix Over/Under Shelf Organizer. These are amazing because it is a plastic clear piece with sides and a bottom that fits on the top shelf and you can bring that one piece down when you need something, instead of tipping over your stacked items. Maximizing the space on your top shelf can buy you some extra space. You’ll be surprised.

7. Group things Get in the habit of putting like items together. All camisoles, sweaters, jeans, slacks and so on should be grouped. You’ll be amazed how easy it will be for you to find your favorite black blazer when you have an impromptu business meeting. If you’re in the habit of organizing your closet by type, you can make your days of getting ready so much easier.

8. Hanger trick We’ve all heard this before, but most likely haven’t used this trick. Turn all of your hangers backwards. Once you’ve worn something you can put it back into your closet the right way. After a few months, you'll begin to see what you haven’t worn. This will help you decide if you’ve got a few things lingering that should be sold, tossed, or donated.

9. Bespoke Closet Crawl™️. Overwhelmed with your closet but you know you need to do a spring reset? Schedule a Bespoke Closet Crawl™️. Our award winning designer can help you use items in your current wardrobe, along with one of our signature Bespoke garments and/or & accessories to create a desired look.

We'll dig deeper on resetting your closet for spring- LIVE on Periscope and Facebook. Follow us so you can receive an alert when we're live streaming! Our handle is @GideonsNeedle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Periscope. Don't have the apps? Download them today, it makes keeping in touch so much easier.

Have you tried any of these Spring reset closet tips? We’d love to hear. Leave a comment below.

Happy Spring!


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