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How to Find the Perfect Dress

SORRY FELLAS, this one is for the Ladies . . . We have 4 important tips to help you find the Perfect Dress

Finding THE PERFECT DRESS for a big night can be one of the most "stressful" things in a woman's life. One of the most memorable nights of a girls' life is the Prom. We all know how vital it is for a girl to have the right dress for her prom. Finding the perfect prom dress doesn’t have to involve blood, sweat, and tears. It can actually be fun if you follow these very simple tips for finding the perfect dress: 1. Pick out a Unique Design

One of the best ways to ensure that your prom dress stands out above the rest is to research your dresses that you like, and try to pick out a unique design that speaks to you. All too often girls settle for common prom dress designs, only to show up at the prom, and find they're wearing exactly what another girl is wearing. That can be devastating! Needless to say, a little embarrassing, and if that's not enough, someone could steal your shine on YOUR night! Don't be a double mint twin victim at your 2017 prom!! Taking an hour or two to research unique patterns, designs, and fabric that can really make you stand out from the crowd on your big night. 2. Get Your Dress Custom Designed

Prom is just too big of an event to wear a dress that came off of the assembly line. A prom dress is special and it should be custom made to fit your body. At Gideon's Needle we use a uniquely curated process to custom design clothing based on your measurements, body shape and type (not your traditional dress size). We offer a wide variety of luxe African prints and designs to choose from. You can even schedule a consultation to sit down with our award-winning designer who will walk you through your design options, discuss the fabric choices, and make the custom dress for your big day. It’s important to have a dress that fits you perfectly. You’ll not only be more comfortable when you’re out on the dance floor, you’ll look better too. The best part of having a custom made dress is it will fit your body like a glove and it’s 100% you because you had complete say in how it was made! 3. Bring a Friend Along For Your Design Consultation

We don't mind a bit if you bring your bestie along to your dress consultation with Gideon's Needle. Custom designing your dress with your best friend by your side is a complete blast. Your best friend knows you inside and out, she can help you when you get stuck on choosing the perfect pattern or design. Custom designing your prom dress can feel very overwhelming as there are some critical decisions you have to make. A friend can reassure you that you're making the right choice and the entire process will feel much more carefree.

4. Don’t Second Guess Yourself

After you custom design your dress, it’s important not to second your guess yourself about your choices. Our initial decisions are usually our best ones so, it’s important to stick with the original design you’ve picked out with us. When you change your design or pattern, you risk picking out something that’s not entirely new. Maybe you think people will like another pattern more? Don’t worry about what others think, stick to the style that speaks to you!

Still not sure what to wear to the big night? Schedule a consultation with our award-winning designer and get the prom dress you’ve always dreamed of! We have a special prom styling package available for a limited time. Our prom styling packages are tailored for the individual. We want you to truly enjoy every moment of your prom from designing your dress, getting dressed on prom night, the dance and the after party.

Our expert designer and stylist will guide you away from the noise of trends to what really matters to you so that when you look back at your prom pictures, you will love your dress choice whether it's 2017 or 2040.

Have you tried any of these tips for finding the perfect dress? We’d love to hear. Leave a comment below.

Cheers to finding THE PERECT DRESS! Cheers to finding "THE DRESS"!


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